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Holdings has secured abundant living space. However, at present, while the high density of planes remains unchanged, there is a demand for mid-to-high-rise buildings in terms of a cross-section. Must-have.Patios, terraces, light gardens, and other outdoor spaces needed by an active family are removed three-dimensionally from the house like a boolean operation, and a lifestyle that develops around these removed areas was conceived. By introducing the auxiliary lines of the scraped area diagonally to the site as an axis tilted against the city grid, the line of sight spreads from the room through the gable wall to the city, and the light and wind pass through to the bustling Teramachi street. It is a courtyard arranged three-dimensionally. In order to allow people, eyes, and nature to pass through, instead of bearing walls on the tilted axis, one-sided braces are connected from the first floor to the third floor. Each of these external spaces works like a polygonal prism, giving people who live in a long and narrow house a space that extends in all directions, such as deep space, skyward views, and a sweeping view of the city. It makes you feel and cuts out Kyoto with a new expression.

Method of construction: common axis construction method
Surface area: 122.09 sqm
Building area: 92.66 sqm
Total floor area: 218.9 sqm