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We designed a collective housing consisting of six 1DK units on a flagpole site lined with townhouses near Hikone Castle.

Three sides are closed off by existing houses, and the road frontage is only about 6 meters. As a result of securing a parking lot for three cars requested by Hikone City, the building was built on the back of the site. As a result of considering how to secure lighting and ventilation in the building, we decided to cut the two corners of the building into a hexagonal plane cut at 45 degrees so that windows facing north and south can be taken.

For the two triangular gardens that were created as a result, the dining kitchen was built as long as an earthen floor so that each of the two rooms on each floor of the three-story building would have two openings. It is a unique 1DK dwelling unit with a dining kitchen and a pentagonal bedroom that can be separated by a transparent glass sliding door.
In addition, although the two units on each floor have symmetrical plan shapes, they are different plans that change the connection between the dining kitchen and the bedroom by changing the layout of the storage. Since it is represented as a ceiling, the floor is the same as the first and second floors, but it is a different space.

With a good location in front of the JR station in this castle town with tradition and spirit, I was able to consider an attractive living space for single people in a provincial city.

use :housing
site : Hikone, Japan
site area : 236.59 sqm
building area : 70.91 sqm
total floor area : 212.73 sqm
building scale : 3 stories
structure system : reinforced concrete construction
structural engineer : Takashi Manda; Takashi Manda Structural Design
complete : 2015
photo credit : Kei Sugino