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24mm plywood house

A house for a woman who lives alone, decorated with her grandfather’s paintings and lives with her dog and fish. The gable-shaped house, built over the entire site, is divided into nine grids with four internal walls, two on the ground floor and two on the first floor. Although each grid is very small, the internal walls are made of 24 mm thick plywood that undulates like a folding screen, making the walls close to the scale of the furniture and conform to the body. The criss-cross combination of internal walls also serves as structural reinforcement to support the monocoque structure of the wooden external walls.

When you open the large windows at the end of the atrium between the wavy walls and sit on the terrace, you feel connected to the sky and the street, as if you are having a cup of tea in a street café. Folded boards of plywood, a thin and heavy material, separate the air better than curtains and thinner than partition walls, connecting the two spaces. Although the house is very small, we aimed to create a microcosm where the various times spent at home, such as eating and sleeping, live together without cluttering up the space, but where you can enjoy different atmospheres just by moving it around a little. Little by little from place to place.

Although it is a small house, the undulating interior walls maximise the interior surface area and allow for the display of many paintings and art objects. In the context of its corner location, this space, which is sometimes opened up to the city as a gallery, can be described as an urban gene.

24mm plywood house
use: residence, gallery
site:Kyoto, Japan
site area:59.24 sqm
building area:31.39 sqm
total floor area:46.317 sqm
building scale: 2 stories
structure system: wood
structural engineer: 1050 Architets
completed: 2020
photo credit: Toshiyuki Yano