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[:en]Firstly looking back on last year.
In 2018, I was indebted to a lot of people and I was able to enrich the design activities and proceed.
Takeguchi submitted his doctoral thesis at the beginning of the year. In February, It was a pity that we finished the new station building proposal at Minohara in second place. In March we exhibited a project model in progress at GA Gallery. From April to May we organized a series of workshops with Augsburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany, first a joint day design with students at Kyoto University and then a one-week workshop and a lecture at Augsburg. After that, we made a small trip by visiting a couple of the same age who are turning U-turn to a small village Bedheim in the former East German Architects office. We were impressed with the progress of the German students’ production and it was such a dense experience that they also experienced German history. In addition, the guest house of cultural salon called Kyogami in Kyoto has been completed. In the summer, we held a workshop with the architectural students of 16 Asian countries by the annually Architectural Design Association Nippon. Last year we were able to welcome people who are willing to build in Sabae in Fukui, Gujo in Gifu, and Sagishima in Hiroshima respectively at three bases with rich localities. In the autumn we could design and produce a three dimensional tunnel at the gallery of the Kizuna building designed at the art event in Paris City and Kyoto City, Nui Blanche with the contemporary dance dancer Monochrome Circus. As a judge of the architectural prize,we went over Wakayama and got the chance to see various excellent works. In addition, the designed Suidenan Guesthouse received the Taipei International Award Jury Special Award, and after the awards ceremony, we could met Taiwanese former intern student in Taipei. Last year a lot of interns from all over the world, including France, China, Spain, Bangladesh came to the office. We were happy to get occasions of Several designed and supervised buildings.Good luck for 2019.

Night view Augsburg
Park near house Augsburg

Workshop in Hiroshima island

Installation in Kuzunaya Nuit blanche project