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We have only a few days left in 2013.

The most memorable event this year was winning the first Kyoto Architecture Award for Excellence in early summer.
I traveled to Nanjing as a faculty member for the Architectural Newcomers Competition.
In the fall, I was selected for the SD Review and participated in the event.
Received a five-star award at the International Property Awards and a silver award at the JCD Awards.
JIA Kansai Architect Newcomer Award party.
A double Gold Award at the DFAA (Hong Kong Design Center’s Asia Design Awards) and a business trip to Hong Kong.
We were also invited to several other events such as lectures and critique sessions.

Through several designs, I was also able to interact with various people this year.
I would like to thank the construction companies who are working on construction projects on site and the clients who have been supporting my designs.
We will continue to design hard again next year.
We look forward to working with you again in 2014.

Below are some photos from my visit to Hong Kong.

City in the western part of Hong Kong Island

The award party

The long escalator famous in the movie, Planet of Love

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

New Zaha Architecture at the University of Science and Technology

The hole is at the base level of the campus, under construction.

The first Asia Design Award ceremony there


Exquisite balance of exterior space at the base level, eaves and walls, and interior and exterior spaces

This was my first experience with large scale Zaha architecture and it exceeded my expectations!

night view

sunset view

Bamboo scaffolding and concrete

Bank of China I. M. Pay

Its atrium reaches the glass roof.

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Norman Foster

The approach through the glass floor is sensual.

The topography and the flow of people are synchronized by natural light.

Hong Kong International Airport by Foster

Both Pay and Foster will be lavishly decorated.