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This year as well, many students and working adults from all over the country are coming for internships.
Although we are not recruiting on a large scale, some schools have taken over from schools that accepted students last year.
Find it in a magazine or online and have them apply,
This is very helpful when trying to catch up before a deadline.

Our regular design activities are open to some extent to interns.
As a semi-worker, you can experience a variety of things, including not only housing, but also work in design competitions.

Since I have been published in many magazines overseas, I receive portfolios from all over the world.
I am grateful that students from countries I have never been to before have applied, and it is very interesting to hear about the educational situation in various countries.
The scene at Mt. Koya

Photo of the gymnasium of my alma mater (visited during building research) Lobby of the gymnasium that I have been indebted to for over 4 years

The polished floors and genuine panel finishes give it the feel of a building from that time, perhaps because it was a private junior high school. I was casually admiring it when I was using it, but when I started working in architecture and looked back at the spaces that were ingrained in me, it gave me an opportunity to think about many things.

Polished floor design