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A house standing in an old commercial area where wooden houses are densely packed. Along the site, two elongated rectangles were folded to form a garden, and at the same time, a high side light was created using the step of the roof in the folded part. The ceiling gradually rises from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor, and in the large volume of light and air, there are 2 dirt floors, 2 meters in height, and 3 entrances, kitchen booths, and furniture that are recessed at 45 degrees. However, various fluctuations of light and wind occur depending on where people are.

use | residence
site | Osaka, Japan
site area |184.76 sqm
building area | 84.46 sqm
total floor area| 99.83 sqm
building scale | 2 stories
structure system | steel
structural engineer | Kazuo Takeguchi
complete | 2007
photo credit | Sergio Pirrone