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Located in the center of Kyoto, adjacent to the Imperial Palace and universities, this area offers a variety of urban lifestyles. It is a share house where single women who have finished raising children can spend a rich time after early retirement, securing their area on the first floor and renting three rooms on the second floor to nearby female students. Even on the first floor, only a simple sleeping area, a horigotatsu table, and a washroom kitchen are completely private areas, and the gallery near the street is used for exhibitions of works by friends, cooking classes for the daughter who lives nearby, and arithmetic for children in the neighborhood. A public living room for activities such as a private school that teaches art, a quiet tea room in the back of the premises is a private-public living room for inviting friends to have a tea party, and her lifestyle of inviting people from the city to her house to enjoy. ing.
On a site of 4.5m wide and 30m deep, rooms of various sizes and different uses are lined up, and how to secure appropriate natural light and approach to each place. After a lot of consideration, I decided to create a “garley” that gradually narrows from the street to the back of the site, partly because the longitudinal direction of the site is the south. The building, which stretches along this garden alley, has three entrances: the stairs to the shared house on the second floor, the gallery entrance, and the tea room. do. Windows are lined up on the long outer wall on the south side of the building, and the light that falls on the garden alley is led into the room, but from this screen facing the street at a slight angle, the inside can be seen to the extent that it does not interfere with privacy. glimpse. For the color of the outer wall and aluminum sash, we chose a subdued matte beige that has a lightness that allows for indirect light and at the same time serves as a background that highlights the long garden.In this way, the long and narrow garden alley that cuts through the deep grounds is a buffer zone between the town and the house, and it plays the role of an interface space that adjusts the distance between the town and the house according to the activities in the house. This is a proposal for a new building style that can draw in the bustle of Kyoto while at the same time being a calm residence.

Garden Alley House
use:residence, share house, gallery
site:Kyoto, Japan
site area:141.40 sqm
building area:74.34 sqm
total floor area:148.68 sqm
building scale:2 stories
structure system:wood
structural engineer|Jun Yanagimuro; Jun Yanagimuro Structural Engineering
completed| 2017
photo credit| Kei Sugino