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Alphaville’s collection of works has been published.

Our monograph ‘Alphaville Architects’ has recently been published by Equal books from Seoul, Korea. This book includes our most recognized project for the last 15 years, which marks the successful achievement throughout our career journey. As Idea books, the main distributor, has described below:

‘Dedicated to the Kyoto-based office headed by Kentaro Takeguchi and Asako Yamamoto, this monograph comprises a selection of various works, projects and exhibitions the pair have accomplished. Included are detailed profiles of fourteen realised buildings, many of them small-scale residential buildings, plus six design concepts, including larger or public projects. Readily apparent is their skilfulness in creating coherence throughout both interior and exterior, including seamless transitions, and the characteristic application of oblique surfaces that nevertheless integrate smartly within the city grid and urban landscapes. With an analysis by historian and theorist Shunsuke Kurakata.’