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At the beginning of the New Year, I took a look back at the past year.
In April, I received an award from the Architectural Institute of Japan, and in June, I traveled to Venice to participate in the Biennale, also from the Architectural Institute of Japan. I spent a summer in Krems, a simple city on the Danube River, which was my first long-term stay in Europe since I was a student. In the fall, I participated in a calligraphy and construction exhibition in Seoul through the introduction of Dr. Norihiko Dan, and was very impressed not only by the symposium but also by the opportunity to share barbeque with Dr. Fumihiko Maki, who is still active at the age of 88, and to hear historical stories such as his memories of the Makuhari Messe competition. In December, I felt the power of straight space in Tadao Ando’s famous Nihonbashi House, which was transformed into a gallery, and at the end of the year, I shared a happy moment with the client and the builders of Suzuka Catholic Church, which won the Chubu Architectural Award. Several projects were also completed and introduced in the media.
We would like to thank all of our clients, the people who supported our various events, the Alphaville staff, and the interns who came to Kyoto from Europe, Asia, and the United States.
We look forward to working with you again this year.

Streets of Venice

An act of the Viennale venue

People looking into the Canadian Pavilion at the Giardini venue

Dinner with Mr. Dalko, Mr. Kraus, Mr. and Mrs. Endo at a restaurant in Venice

Palazzo Bembo, the exhibition venue

Alphaville exhibit is a model of Takahashi Art in Hikone

The most impressive architecture of 2016, Palladio’s Rotunda

Interior view of Villa Rotonda

The streets of Krems

An evening stroll with the lovely friends of the Krems artist residency I visited in the summer

Experimental facility used by Danube University, Krems

First visit to Seoul, “Calligraphy and Construction” exhibition at Dongdaemun DDP, designed by Zaha

Went to a top-class yakiniku restaurant with Maki, Dan, Yahagi, Mr. Endo, and others.

Celebrates Catholic Suzuka Church Receives Chubu Architectural Award