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Corbusier’s ship Agile Flottant finally resurfaced!

The Agile Flottant, which had sunk in an accident caused by a large flooding of the Seine last year, has finally resurfaced.

The ship was renovated in 1923 to Corbusier’s design and used as a residence for refugees, and we are truly impressed by the long and persistent efforts of the people involved in Japan and France, who have been working hard to rehabilitate the ship as a gallery again.
At the request of the Architectural Institute of Japan, which became the owner of the vessel, Alphaville has been asked to design an exhibition for the “Rebirth of Agile Flottant” to be held in Paris next fall! We are now looking forward to it.

↓Introduction site of Azir Flottan by Architectural Institute of Japan


↓The surfacing was also televised on NHK news!