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On Corbusier and Azir Frotin in “Evil

No one would dispute that Le Corbusier is a big name.
There is a strong opinion that Le Corbusier’s influence is not so great nowadays. What significance does Le Corbusier have in Japan today? Shunsuke Kurakata, author of the forthcoming book “Le Corbusier in ‘Evil,'” will be the keynote speaker, and we would like to consider Le Corbusier once again.
In addition, the Architectural Institute of Japan is currently working on a project to revive the Azir Flottant, which was renovated by Le Corbusier and designed by Maekawa Kunio. The progress of this project will be reported, and a symposium will be held to discuss the evil Le Corbusier and the Agile Frotin with the architects participating in this project.

Date and Time: October 6, 2019, 18:00-19:30
Venue: Nakanoshima Public Hall, Main Conference Room (free admission)

Shunsuke Kurakata

Kiyoshi Takeyama (Chairman, Architectural Institute of Japan)
Shuhei Endo (Chairman of LC’s Ship Revitalization Committee)
Kentaro Takeguchi (Arsenal venue configuration)
Shigeki Maeda(Composition of the Japan House, Paris)
Yusuke Mitsushima (Le Corbusier for “Evil”, in charge of illustrations)

Host: Japan Society of Architectural Design
Supported by: International Cultural Center